Chronongrams Exposition in the Municipal Cultural Center in Stryszawa, Poland
December 14, 2019

14 musical compositions by Piotr Czerny created for 14 Chronongrams images

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Chronongraphy technique


Since 2006 the artist Maciej Jurkowski-Lukas has been developing a unique process.
It is a combination of the author's technical knowledge and his artistic skills.

The technique involves the chemical and physical treatment of mirrors, on which the artist paints a picture, called a Chronongraph.
Maciej then takes the mirror to chosen places, illuminates it and photographs it.

The result is a combination of the developed static image with the image reflected in the mirror, the surrounding landscape and the dynamic image of the film projection. The three images imposed on each other create an absolutely unique situation, and a powerful and beautiful image.

Finally, the artist often gives Chronongrams the final effect by applying ink layers manually and reprints them using a press. This technique is a combination of graphics, painting, film, photography and drawing. It is important to understand that the artist completely rejects the use of any computer image-processing.

The name of the technique arose by combining the word "chronon" (a quantum of time) with "graphein" (Greek: draw), because it captures a tiny fragment of time.

It is a reference to life and passing away. Because of the delicacy of the glass, the author suggests Chronongrams are "fragile as life" pictures.
Chronongrams combine the real world with dreams.

The first public presentation of the Chronongraph took place on November 26th, 2016 in Stryszawa, during the wedding ceremony of Magdalena Lukas-Jurkowski and the artist.

The world premiere of Chronongraphs took place on April 20th, 2018 in the Workshop of "S.E.N.S" in Krakow.

The following text by the creator of Chronogaphy presents his own views and philosophical thoughts about being, existence, time and passing away.