The World Premiere of Spectrograms
Exhibition in the NEY Gallery,
April 12 - May 12, Warsaw, Poland, 2019

Sound Design by Michał Fojcik, based on the recording of water organs in Zadar in Croatia, 2018

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Spectrography technique


These otherworldly images and sounds have been registered on Earth - the beauty of light and its phenomena.

SPECTRO is a spectrum obtained as the result of all known radiation on material understood as a collection of particles.
SPECTROGRAM is a picture I have recorded through the reflection of light rays off a mirror structure-substance-shape.
I have been developing SPECTROGRAPHY since 2012.
My work is created without the use of a computer.

SPECTROGRAMS are images of the mystery of existence.

The presentation of SPECTROGRAMS is accompanied by sound—an acoustic spectrum that is heard, surely exclusively, in the interiors of my aleatoric phenomena.
The sound corresponds to the levitating wrinkles recorded in the SPECTROGRAMS, the breaks in the surroundings and time of the Microcosms. This corresponds to an ancient melodic range - the "ambitus" - of our world.

In order to see, it is necessary illuminate.
The illumination of a structure-substance-shape is complicated.
In order to hear, one must listen intently.
Sound is strange.

Science Factum or Absolute Fiction?

SPECTOGRAMS are my great emotions, impressions—I create a cosmic image.
Let us assume it is a static image. Though it most certainly is not.
One may wonder, after a careful analysis of the projected image of the tangled lines of the SPECTOGRAM picture and the calculations using the available technique, if we are able to present a correct result that mathematically describes the distortions of the source, the mirror image-substance-shape, that I have created?
Or that is at least oscillating around it?
Or is nothing possible at all, because it hasn't yet been calculated mathematically?

Do refracted reflections of an image represent space-time refractions?
And what if the statistics of the SPECTOGRAM image, as I believe, are real?
This intensifies the puzzle.
I do not understand it.

The Introduction of Redemption
Or: Parallax Par Excellence?

The strange state of experience in childhood, a monstrous headache, fear.
The only medicine is SLEEP, and in this,
a black and white image of strange powers, of the gravitation and electromagnetism of the Microcosms.

In unrest - will I find this? I have made an attempt to reach this place.
I have searched for many years, and now, as if I have made it:
Have I found it?


I have created SPECTOGRAFS using metal sheets.
The thickness of the sheets has an influence on the effect of the sought after images of past emotions.
I shoot at this image. I choose the right firearm and I determine the distance. I usually shoot with pistols, sometimes with a rifle. After a series of shots, the effects on the sheets cannot be immediately read.
The image recorded in this, the SPECTOGRAM, can be seen after the complex processing of the negative, the formation of the coating of the mirror and lighting it up. Unfortunately, the result is not always perfect and then all the work that has been done is lost. It is necessary to begin again, with the preparation of the next sheet.
I obtain a mirror coating my chrome plating. I work with an expert in this area, Tomas Curylo, the owner of the electroplating factory, T.E.C.E.
I also use glass. I get an excellent effect by forming panes of glass in a furnace. Thanks to many tests with the cooperation of the specialists at Press-Glass, the effect is perfect.

In this emotional work, despite the experience I have acquired, the awareness, the lack of concept, human helplessness, and the calculus of probability of the work, I remain intrigued, passionate, and moved.

This is my own look at the powerful, perhaps infinite, Microcosms and the spectrum of my mind in the past.


Maciej Ryszard Jurkowski-Lukas